by the sea








The architectural concept evolved from three smooth “lucky” stones, delicately balanced one above the other.

Our design philosophy centres on achieving a harmonious balance between art and architecture combined with an intimate knowledge of the site and its natural setting, proven experience of utilising enduring materials, practical construction technique, and an aspiring understanding of market’s dreams.

The building footprint observes all setbacks with each living room purposely located to maximize solar access in a manner to provide 180 degree surround visual experience.

Vic Lake Architects VLA Project Audrey
Vic Lake Architects VLA Project Audrey

The master bedrooms effortlessly relish the horizon’s natural beauty to experience the power of the sea merging with the shifting array of the sky.

The back of house utility spaces, private lifts, and stairs are located o the western edge in a clean linear fashion which intentionally contrasts with the sensuous curving forms of the living and bedroom spaces facing the sea.

This linear form has small apertures that peel off the façade allowing ventilation and northern light to maximise the privacy between the adjoining properties.

This simple linear monolithic form will be adorned with interlocking matt and gloss mosaic tile intended to resemble the sparkle of the sun, dancing across the ocean waves.

Vic Lake Architects VLA Project Audrey

The architectural form is supported by informal landscaping of salt hardy native plants which will exhibit their own colour, texture, and sculptural form.

The long boundaries have been softened with blades of corten steel in a curved array resembling waves along the shore, and intertwined with sweeping hedges.

Overall the hybrid multiple dwelling design complies with all planning controls in a masterful and creative manner.

This new generation architecture has not yet been available in Cronulla. The design is indeed appropriate for this iconic seaside location and provide the “lucky” an amazing experience and lifestyle.

Vic Lake Architects VLA Project Audrey

Images by Gian Luca Canzini